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Full frame coverage: The Laowa 24mm f/14 probe can cover both the standard 35mm full frame sensors and Super35 image sensors. Deep Field: The wide angle design also means much greater depth of field at close range (compared to the telephoto macro lens) so more background details can now be seen. It is a great advantage to have close focus for both studio and wildlife photography. Long tubular lens: For traditional macro lenses, you need to get really close to your subject in order to get a good macro shot. But some areas are simply inaccessible. The 15.7 inch (40cm) shaft allows you to focus really close on the sunject, but always keep yourself and your camera at a reasonable distance.  LED ring light: Macro photography is about depht of field and smaller apertures are usually required. An LED ring light (power by an optional external battery) is embedded in the lens tip to provide additional lighting for focus assistance. Leightweight Desing: Despite the long tube design, the Laowa probe is actually super light and easy to carry. Weighs only 0.5 kg.