Max Verstappen’s Kitzbühel Showrun 2016

Red Bull Racing was able to delight fans with the show run in Kitzbühel. The Formula 1 racing car with snow chains ensured spectacular images on Hahnenkamm mountain which went around the world.

The Red Bull Racing show car team was faced with the challenge of adapting a F1 car that is not made for cold and snow so that this magnificent, first-time show run became possible.

Snow chains specifically manufactured by the company Pewag, a retuning of the engine and a new adaptation of the setup were necessary in order to celebrate the premiere of an F1 car in the snow on Thursday, January 14.

“I’ve never driven on snow”, said F1 driver Max Verstappen after the show run. “It was a real challenge and we had to put my tires in chains, was very special. It was great fun and the enthusiasm of fans in Kitzbühel was great.”  – text copyright by PlanetWatch



Client: REDBULL //

Production: Planet Watch Film & Video Produktions GmbH & CoKG //

Production Management: GRANDURFILMSTUDIO Gmbh //

Cameracrane & Light: GRANDURFILMSTUDIO Gmbh //

Cast: Max Verstappen // Aksel Lund Svindal



Director: Gerald Salmina

First AD: Roland Leyer

Production Managers: Raphael Urf / Katrin Pischounig

Camera: Sebastian Seibert, Bernhard Popovic, Dieter Frank, Hannes Maurer, Philipp Rabe, Karim Shafik, Gerald Salmina

Focus Puller: Felix Schwarz, Christian Stiendl, Gerald Piesch, Camillo Foramitti, Jürgen Christa

Phantom Camera: Max Dreihahnn, Benjamin Moser, Tobias Bonsack, Gerald Piesch

Lightning & Grip: Raphael Urf

Drone: Carsten Darr, Rainer Raitmair

Skidoo-Camera-System: Thomas Roim, Frank Schöberl

Helicopter Aerials: Georg Koder, Mirko Flaim, Stefan Urmann

GoPro: Helmut Achatz

Making of: Tobias Pichler, Victor Kössl

Edit: David Hofer

Data Wrangler & Technical Supervisor: Karim Shafik

Sound: Johannes Stelzl, Michael Grill

Production Red Bull: Thomas Überall, Thomas Kniewasser







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January 19, 2016 9:03 am